signalr_dart Link to heading

A SignalR client in dart. It supports all the features of the C# client as long as Dart allows.

steamworks_gen Link to heading

A generator for Steamworks SDK. It parses the file provided by Steam to generate related APIs in dart in a darty way.

steamworks Link to heading

The output of the steamworks_gen

flame_steamworks Link to heading

Integrates steamworks with flame-engine

json_events Link to heading

There is no way to parse large json object/files in dart because you need to allocate everything in memory beforehand. With this library, you can parse in a streaming way, therefore the size is not important

msg_pck Link to heading

A MessagePack de/serializer. It has a similar API like MessagePack-CSharp

tmx_parser Link to heading

Let’s you parse a map from Tiled Map Editor. Both json and tmx files are supported. The size of the file is not important as the library uses json_events

flame_forge2d_tiled Link to heading

Automatically creates a physical world from the provied Tiled Map Editor map. It uses tmx_parser